SIBAYA LAKE - Mboma Area 

Water for 200 people


iSandla nqeSandla

A big big Surprise for Izulu Water

As Marc and Michèle was visiting me with their children, I never thought that they carried this big surprise in there suitcase. 

A check from "Käerjeng Hëlleft" for a whole hole. 

Oh, it was an indescribable moment. 

It was straightforward for me where this fountain had to go. Sibaya Lake, our largest natural water lake in South Africa. 

So that people do not use water out of the lake and do not wash their laundry in it. 

It was clear to me that I would do my best to realize this water project during their stay. 

With this borehole we got triple success:

1. Tree weeks ago People have demonstrated and have damage the street - to get water. 

2. More than 200 people will now have daily access to drinking water. 

3. We protect our precious Sibaya Lake. 

So once more a big big thank you to  "Käerjeng Hëlleft" .

Official inauguration - 07.09.2019

Official inauguration ceremony of the borehole number 10 of Izulu Water donated by Käerjeng hëlleft from Luxembourg.

In the presence of Zulu King Nkosi Khulezweni Nxumalo; Marc Hansen, President of "Käerjeng Hëlleft"; Jabulani Mkhabela, a member of the Lake Sibaya Conservation Trust and Chairman of the Development Agency; Yasmine Hémès General Director and Founder of Izulu Water; the Induna and member of the local council; other representatives of the Sibaya Lake Trust: Lungisani Nxumalo, Nxumalo Boards, Walter Nxumalo and Eric Umtwana, the borehole Number 10 was officially inaugurated on Sept. 7, 2019.

The various speakers highlighted the importance for the community of having clean water near their homes. For the residents of the area of ​​Sibaya Lake, this means that they no longer have to walk kilometres to the lake.

In addition, residents can use the water from the borehole to do their laundry, which they previously washed in the lake. This meant longer distances but also a pollution of Sibaya Lake, which has been declared as a nature reserve.

It has also been emphasized that the 200 residents who will use the water from the new borehole will now be in charge of it and will be responsible for its proper functioning.

Finally, it was pointed out how important it is to think sustainably in the environment of Sibaya Lake, so that the inhabitants can benefit from the nature reserve.

Käerjeng hëlleft is very pleased to bring 200 inhabitants a good access to drinking water and trust that they will benefit from it for a very long time.