iSandla nqeSandla


(18-25 years old)


iSandla nqeSandla


This unique program is a combination of several projects, all under the motto "iSandla ngeSandla" - which means "hand in hand".

The volunteers with their different lifestyles, cultures and interests, are united under our social commitment – water and environmental protection for our local communities, clean-ups and environmental presentations in our schools.

This all comes together, right here in the middle of the African Jungle far away from all the city’s hustle and bustle. We run a self-sustaining community in an ecologically managed environment.

Our social project,  does not only bring drinking water to our communities, but also shows our volunteers the difficulties of living in a 3rd World Country.

With this our aim is to expand the mindsets of the volunteers and hopefully change the way they look at life and their own future. This all comes from helping the needy, teaching them to have respect for everything and everyone so that they can one day master their own way of life.

YOUNG volunteers who are interested in Making a Difference

  •  that don’t mind working with the poorest of the poor
  • that study or have interests in the following fields: Marine Biology, Zoology, Wildlife Conservation, Environmental and or Social Services
  • that are taking a GAP year, whilst planning their future course in life
  • that would like to have an amazing African Experience
  • who would like to support a 3rd world country
  • that are interested in marine conservation and would like to make a career out of diving

looking for VOLUNTEERS that need a second chance in life

We are aware of all the stress and strain that is being put on the youth of today. Life is very fast and unfortunately we don’t always make the right choices. Sometimes we just need a break, to take time and reflect on ourselves.

We believe that our location far away from the citys, other influencesand and our program is ideal for young volunteers that had problems with substance abuse. Please note that we are not a rehab centre but merely aim to provide an environment where young people who have already given up alcohol and drug abuse can come to see life through other eyes.

A life where things are not always easy but worth living.

A place and program to help you regain your self-respect, respect for others and everything around you.