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Water for 147 students - Ages 6-14 years


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On the 20th of September, 

we have our first environmental training at "Sodwana Bay Preparatory School" 

followed by a massive clean-up with the help of all the pupils involved

Everyone knows that I DO WHAT I SAY, I DON´T JUST TALK

This morning we had a meeting with the Principal of this school.

We were welcomed very nicely and he showed us around.

Big thank you to the Principal Mr Mathieu Malassis, originaly from France. He has been dedicating his service and his life to these children since 2006.

I must say it was a pleasure and great delight for me to speak French again.

The school accommodates around 174 pupils, all aged between 4 -13 years, in 8 classes.

He gave us a tour of the classrooms, Library and Music room. As everywhere else, water is also urgently needed for this school.

It is now on us to help them.The school already has electricity so will not need a solar system but merely the drilling, a pump and watertank, this is halve the costs of an original installation.


All the names of the donors will be engraved on a sign in the school.

I ask all of you not to just like the post or talk about how nice it is, but to also do something for theses kids - Please.

Here is a little presentation about the primary school

Presentation and Clean-Up - 20.09.2017

What a successful School-Clean Up with the local school Sodwana Bay Primary.

A big thank you to the Principal Mathieu Malassis, who gave us a very warm welcome, a projector for the environmental presentation as well as a class room.

Another thank you goes to Roland Montague Puckering, the manager of the supermarket Spar in Mbazwana. Roland has sponsored the 200 rubbish bags.

As I said just a wonderful day, about 174 pupils aged 4 to 12 years have participated in the presentation as well as the Clean Up.

Great was the enthusiasm when we told the children that in the last 3 weeks 850 euros were collected from donations for their borehole.
Rather let our pictures tell you the story of our Clean Up.

A special thank you to Samantha Booysen and Siphesihle Sibiya for their great contribution

Inauguration - 14th of November 2017




Thank you

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Today on November 14, 2017, we were able to inaugurate our second borehole and yes we are really proud. 

Within a year we sunk 2 water boreholes and thus organized drinking water for a community and a school which is great.

This is as I said in my speech, only possible if people trust in the organization and on the other hand, are interested in helping the less fortunate.

We also have to thank:

Gerhard Brits, the manager of Build-it, who sponsored us with a water pump that has significantly reduced the price of the system.

Further acknowledgements go to the sponsors, all from Luxembourg:

Michèle and Roby Biwer-Erpelding

Gerry Schlechter

Françoise Dewans

François & Mireille Have-Engelberty

Malou Thommes

Music group Elysian Gates

Brigitte Heep

Thanks also to the Principal Mathieu Malassis, the children of the Sodwana Bay Primary School, the Pastor, Tarryn Smart, who initiated the inauguration ceremony


If you want to participate in the upcoming water project - Drinking water for South Africa, please donate.

As you can see, we provide detailed accounting on each project.

No money flows into our pockets but goes straight into our projects.


Heute am 14. November 2017 konnten wir unser 2. realisiertes Wasserborehole einweihen und ja, wir sind richtig stolz.

Innerhalb eines Jahres 2 Wasserbrunnen und damit Trinkwasser für eine Gemeinschaft und eine Schule zu organisieren - ist super.

Dieses ist, wie ich in meiner Ansprache gesagt habe - aber nur möglich wenn Menschen zum einen, einer Organisation vertrauen und zum anderen daran interessiert sind Menschen, denen es nicht so gut geht zu helfen.

Zu danken haben wir ausserdem:

Gerhard Brits, dem Manager von Build-it, der uns mit einer Wasserpumpe gesponsort hat, die den Preis der Anlage erheblich minimiert hat.

Weitere Danksagungen gehen an die Sponsoren, die allesamt aus Luxemburg stammen:

Michèle und Roby Biwer-Erpelding

Gerry Schlechter 

Françoise Dewans

François & Mireille Have-Engelberty

Malou Thommes

Music group Elysian Gates

Brigitte Heep

Danke ausserdem an den Direktor der "Sodwana Bay Primary School" Mathieu Malassis, an die Schüler und an den chistlichen Pastor, Tarryn Smart, der die Einweihungsfeier eingeleitet hat.


Wollt ihr am kommenden Wasserprojekt - Trinkwasser für Süd Afrika teilnehmen, bitte spendet.

Wie ihr sehen könnt machen wir jeweils eine detaillierte Abrechnung.

Kein Rand fliesst in unsere Kasse.