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My name is Yasmine Hémès, and I was born in Luxembourg. My original profession is that of graphic designer. My children Daniel and Christine are both grown up.

After 30 years of professional life, I decided to not just support the SOS Children’s Homes but to get more involved in Social Projects.

As a passionate diver, the sea and its indescribable beauty and uniqueness are very close to my heart. This was what triggered me to become a volunteer for the World Sea Organization Sea Shepherd.

On June 24th, 2013, I was very happy to set up Sea Shepherd Luxembourg. and have been the Director since October 11, 2013. We have accomplished a lot in Luxembourg, on behalf of Sea Shepherd. Internationally we are the only country so far that has been able to protest the slaughter of Pilot Whales on the Faroe Islands in front of our national parliament.

My work for Sea Shepherd took more and more of my time so I decided in early 2015 to give up my graphics business, sell everything move to Egypt and live off my pension.

Why Egypt? The Red Sea, the people, the land in itself and the cheaper lifestyle.

In these two years Egypt I founded Sea Shepherd Marine Debris - Team South Sinai. Under this name and with the full support of the authorities and divers in Sharm El Sheikh, we got 22,801 kg of rubbish and 20,530 meters of fishing lines from the sea in 23 clean ups.

Things changed after a visit to Sodwana Bay, South Africa, where I have been living for a year.

Here I can continue my social commitment to humanity and that is the greatest gift for me.